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Air Rods

Manufactured from highly-conductive, hard-drawn copper or aluminium, and provide an excellent, durable strike point for lightning.
Supplied with locknut and rolled threads, these air rods fix easily to our air rod bases.
Furse air rods are available in a range of sizes and materials.

Part No. Rod length (mm)Rod diameter (mm)Thread sizeMaterial
RA215500Ø 15M16Copper
RA2251000Ø 15M16Copper
RA2301500Ø 15M16Copper
RA2402000Ø 15M16Copper
RA250-FU3000Ø 15M16Copper
RA015500Ø 15M16Aluminum
RA0251000Ø 15M16Aluminum
RA0301500Ø 15M16Aluminum
RA0402000Ø 15M16Aluminum
RA0503000Ø 15M16Aluminum
RA400-FU500Ø 10M10Copper
RA4021000Ø 10M10Copper
RA080500Ø 10M10Aluminum
RA0851000Ø 10M10Aluminum

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