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Press Welded Shunts

  • Contact areas : PWR press-welded
  • Copper strips : 0,3 mm Cu A1/H14
  • At request : 0,1mm thick with cover sheet 0,3mm
  • It also possible to deliver contact areas with tinned or silvered design.

Press welding can only be performed on red copper and it depends on its dimensions and customer specifications.
The laminated sections are compressed and reconstructed by block during the terminal phase, via use of high currents.
The contact resistance between each lamina is almost zero.

Red CopperSection mm²A mm.B mm.S mm.L mm.H mm.ø Holes D mm.Terminal DrillAmpacity
PWR 200.180.40200504051804013W1600
PWR 200.230.40200504052304013W1600
PWR 320.230.40320504082304313W1800
PWR 400.230.404005040102304513W1900
PWR 250.250.50250605052504513W1700
PWR 400.250.50400605082504813W1950
PWR 500.250.505006050102505013W11100
PWR 480.300.60480906083007013W21100
PWR 600.300.606009060103007013W21200
PWR 640.300.80640908083007013W41350
PWR 800.300.808009080103007013W41500
PWR 960.300.809609080123007013W41700
PWR 800.350.10080011010083508013W51550
PWR 1000.350.1001000110100103508013W51800
PWR 1200.350.1001200110100123508013W51900
PWR 1200.400.1201200130120104008013W72000
PWR 1500.400.120150013012012.54008013W72300
PWR 1800.450.1201800130120154508015W72500
PWR 2000.450.120200013012016.84508015W72750
PWR 2400.450.1202400130120204508015W72900

Widths, lengths, sections and bores are not included in table above, they are provided at request.

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