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Earth Bar

Are an efficient and convenient way of providing a common earth point, with integral single or twin disconnecting links enabling easy isolation for testing purposes.
Have a plastic channel base that is entirely corrosion proof, made from high impact uPVC unlike the traditional galvanized steel channel. 
Standard Furse earth bars are available in a variety of lengths, but all consist of a 50 mm wide by 6 mm thick copper bar with M10 termination screws.

We can design and supply special earth bars and disconnecting links as appropriate.
Available as bare copper or tinned copper hard drawn bar.

Part no.DescriptionLenght (mm)Weight Each KG
LK245-66 vie4001.8
LK245-88 vie5002.2
LK245-1010 vie6502.8
LK245-1212 vie7503.2
LK245-1414 vie8503.6
LK245-1616 vie9504
LK245-1818 vie10504.4
LK245-2020 vie12005
LK245-2222 vie13005.4
LK245-2424 vie14005.8
LK245-2626 vie15006.2
LK245-2828 vie16506.9
LK245-3030 vie17507.3
Tinned Copper Earth Bar
LK245-6-T6 vie4001.8
LK245-8-T8 vie5002.2
LK245-10-T10 vie6502.8
LK245-12-T12 vie7503.2
LK245-14-T14 vie8503.6
LK245-16-T16 vie9504
LK245-18-T18 vie10504.4
LK245-20-T20 vie12005
LK245-22-T22 vie13005.4
LK245-24-T24 vie14005.8
LK245-26-T26 vie15006.2
LK245-28-T28 vie16506.9
LK245-30-T30 vie17507.3

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