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Unthreaded Copperbond Earth Rods

Furse copperbond earth rods probably offer to the installer, the best and most economical earth rods available. 
They are made by molecularly bonding 99.9% pure electrolytic copper onto a low carbon steel core. 
Furse rods are not of the sheathed type. They are highly resistant to corrosion, and because the steel used has a very high tensile strength, they can be driven by power hammers to great depths. 
The counter-bored couplings are made from high copper content alloy – commercial brass is not used.
Connections to the rods can be by mechanical clamps, compression or by FurseWELD exothermic welding System.

Part no.Diameter (mm)Lenght (mm)Weight (kg)
RB005Ø 9.012000.62
RB103Ø 12.712001.18
RB107Ø 12.715001.55
RB116Ø 12.718001.76
RB126Ø 12.724002.36
RB203Ø 14.212001.53
RB213Ø 14.215001.88
RB216Ø 14.218002.29
RB217Ø 14.220002.51
RB223Ø 14.221002.68
RB226Ø 14.224003
RB236Ø 14.230003.79
RB306Ø 17.212002.19
RB313Ø 17.215002.73
RB316Ø 17.218003.27
RB317Ø 17.220003.64
RB323Ø 17.221003.83
RB326Ø 17.224004.35
RB336Ø 17.230005.44

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