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Cable to Bar

Exothermic Welding Connections Cable to Bar 

Type CB1

“A” mm²“B”Mould
16mm²20 x 3 CB1-4-16203
16mm²25 x 3CB1-4-16253
25mm²20 x 3 CB1-4-25203
25mm²25 x 3CB1-4-25253
35mm²20 x 3CB1-4-35203
35mm²25 x 3CB1-4-35253
50mm²20 x 3CB1-4-50203
50mm²25 x 3CB1-4-50253
Ø 8mm²20 x 3CB1-4-8SC203
Ø 8mm²25 x 3CB1-4-8SC253
70mm²25 x 3CB1-4-70253
70mm²25 x 4CB1-4-70254
70mm²25 x 6CB1-4-70256
Ø 10mm²25 x 3CB1-4-10SC253
Ø 10mm²25 x 4CB1-4-10SC254
Ø 10mm²25 x 6CB1-4-10SC256
95mm²25 x 4CB1-4-95254
95mm²25 x 6CB1-4-95256
120mm²25 x 6CB1-4-120256
120mm²30 x 5CB1-4-120305
150mm²25 x 6CB1-4-150256
150mm²30 x 5 CB1-4-150305
150mm²40 x 5CB1-4-150405
185mm²31 x 6CB1-4-185316
185mm²40 x 5CB1-4-185405
185mm²50 x 5CB1-5-185505
240mm²50 x 5CB1-5-240505
240mm²50 x 6CB1-5-240506
300mm²50 x 6CB1-5-300506

Type CB4

“A” mm²“B”Mould
16mm²20 x 3 CB4-4-16203
16mm²25 x 3CB4-4-16253
25mm²20 x 3CB4-4-25203
25mm²25 x 3CB4-4-25253
35mm²20 x 3CB4-4-35203
35mm²25 x 3CB4-4-35253
50mm²20 x 3CB4-4-50203
50mm²25 x 3CB4-4-50253
Ø 8mm²20 x 3CB4-4-8SC203
Ø 8mm²25 x 3CB4-4-8SC253
70mm²25 x 3CB4-4-70253
70mm²25 x 4CB4-4-70254
70mm²25 x 6CB4-4-70256
Ø 10mm²25 x 3CB4-4-10SC253
Ø 10mm²25 x 4CB4-4-10SC254
Ø 10mm²25 x 6CB4-4-10SC256
95mm²25 x 4CB4-4-95254
95mm²25 x 6CB4-4-95256
120mm²25 x 6CB4-4-120256
120mm²30 x 5CB4-4-120305
150mm²25 x 6CB4-4-150256
150mm²30 x 5CB4-4-150305
150mm²40 x 5CB4-4-150405
185mm²31 x 6CB4-4-185316
185mm²40 x 5CB4-4-185405
185mm²50 x 5CB4-5-185505
240mm²50 x 5CB4-5-240505
240mm²50 x 6CB4-5-240506
300mm²50 x 6CB4-5-300506

Type CB5

“A” mm²“B”Mould
16mm²20 x 3 CB5-4-16203
16mm²25 x 3CB5-4-16253
25mm²20 x 3CB5-4-25203
25mm²25 x 3CB5-4-25253
35mm²20 x 3CB5-4-35203
35mm²25 x 3CB5-4-35253
50mm²20 x 3CB5-4-50203
50mm²25 x 3CB5-4-50253
Ø 8mm²20 x 3CB5-4-8SC203
Ø 8mm²25 x 3CB5-4-8SC253
70mm²25 x 3CB5-4-70253
70mm²25 x 4CB5-4-70254
70mm²25 x 6CB5-4-70256
Ø 10mm²25 x 3CB5-4-10SC253
Ø 10mm²25 x 4CB5-4-10SC254
Ø 10mm²25 x 6CB5-4-10SC256
95mm²25 x 4CB5-4-95254
95mm²25 x 6CB5-4-95256
120mm²25 x 6CB5-4-120256
120mm²30 x 5CB5-4-120305
150mm²25 x 6CB5-4-150256
150mm²30 x 5CB5-4-150305
150mm²40 x 5CB5-4-150405
185mm²31 x 6CB5-4-185316
185mm²40 x 5CB5-4-185405
185mm²50 x 5CB5-5-185505
240mm²50 x 5CB5-5-240505
240mm²50 x 6CB5-5-240506
300mm²50 x 6CB5-5-300506

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