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Round Braids

  • The strands are wound like propellers but in opposite direction.
  • The winding pitch determines flexibility.
  • Advantage : extreme flexibility, more flexible than braids of equal cross sectional area and than single stranded wires: when this type of braids is cut the strands do not separate.
    Flexible in all directions.
    Resists torsion to the point that the strands do not widen.
    Square or rectangular sections with round edges can be obtained, with a good flat flexibility.
  • Disadvantages : not a perfect cylinder.
    Great lengths cannot be obtained, higher costs with respect to the braid type.
Section mm²Highly flexible 
Wire Dia. 0,05mm.
Very very Flexible 
Wire Dia. 0,10mm
Wire Dia. 0,20mm
Ø mm.
Red CopperTinned CopperRed CopperTinned CopperRed CopperTinned copper
1COR 1-0,05 COR 1-0,10COS 1-0,10COR 1-0,20COS 1-0,201.3
1.5COR 1,5-0,05 COR 1,5-0,10COS 1,5-0,10COR 1,5-0,20COS 1,5-0,201.6
2COR 2-0,05 COR 2-0,10COS 2-0,10COR 2-0,20COR 2-0,202.1
2.5COR 2,5-0,05 COR 2,5-0,10COS 2,5-0,10COR 2,5-0,20COS 2,5-0,202.2
3COR 3-0,05 COR 3-0,10COS 3-0,10COR 3-0,20COS 3-0,202.6
4COR 4-0,05 COR 4-0,10COS 4-0,10COR 4-0,20COS 4-0,202.9
6COR 6-0,05 COR 6-0,10COS 6-0,10COR 6-0,20COS 6-0,203.8
8COR 8-0,05 COR 8-0,10COS 8-0,10COR 8-0,20COS 8-0,204.3
10COR 10-0,05 COR 10-0,10COS 10-0,10COR 10-0,20COS 10-0,204.8
16COR 16-0,05 COR 16-0,10COS 16-0,10COR 16-0,20COS 16-0,206
20COR 20-0,05 COR 20-0,10COS 20-0,10COR 20-0,20COS 20-0,207
25COR 25-0,05 COR 25-0,10COS 25-0,05COR 25-0,20COS 25-0,207.5
30COR 30-0,05 COR 30-0,10COS 30-0,10COR 30-0,20COS 30-0,208.5
35COR 35-0,05 COR 35-0,10COS 35-0,10COR 35-0,20COS 35-0,209.4
50COR 50-0,05 COR 50-0,10COS 50-0,10COR 50-0,20COS 50-0,2011
60  COR 60-0,10COS 60-0,10COR 60-0,20COS 60-0,2012
75  COR 75-0,10COS 75-0,10COR 75-0,20COS 75-0,2013.5
100  COR 100-0,10COS 100-0,10COR 100-0,20COS 100-0,2016
150  COR 150-0,10COS 150-0,10COR 150-0,20COS 150-0,2019.5

On request : other sizes of braids not shown above.

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